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Cuisine to try

So if you like to entertain as much as I do I'm sure you've come up with your own dishes and even perfected existing ones. Here is one of my fav's:**
Angel hair pasta tossed in olive oil with artichokes, broccoli, and sauteed garlic.
To try this recipe you'll need artichoke hearts, fresh broccoli, chopped garlic cloves, olive oil, and a package of angel hair pasta.
1.In a medium sized pan heat a little olive oil and sautee the broccoli and artichoke hearts. (you may first want to steam the broccoli down to where it is nice and soft)

2.Meanwhile cook half the package of pasta according to the directions of the box *healthy tip: use whole grain pasta instead of regular, it's much better for you

3.Cover the bottom of a big pot with olive oil and a very small amount of butter. Once this heats add the chopped garlic and let simmer for a few minutes.

4.By now the pasta should be done as well as the artichoke and broccoli. Add these items to the big pot making sure to mix all the ingredients well and coat the pasta with the olive oil mixture.
Basil can now be added to taste.
This is best served hot!

Various ingredients can be added such as shrimp (my personal fav) or tomatoes and parmesian cheese.

**sorry I don't have exact measurements of this recipe, it's just something that was made up

♥ rai

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