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Know How: Applying falsies

Long eyelashes can definitely take one's look from average to glamorous in a matter of minutes.
Every girl should know how to put on a set of false eyelashes, or falsies. I personally love to get mine done but appreciate the fact that if something were to go wrong I know I can put them on myself.
Here are my tips on putting on a set of falsies:

1-Always trim the lashes to fit your eye. Not everyone's eyes are made the same so in order to get the perfect fit for your eyes some trimming may be necessary.

2-Apply a small amount of glue-you don't want huge clumps of glue. Let the glue dry just a little so that it can become a little tacky for application. Tip: use a toothpick for glue application, this way your lashes won't become overcome with glue if you accidentally squeeze too much

3-Get the lashes as close to your natural lashes as possible. Make sure to attach them to the base of your lashes and not the skin.

4-Hold the lashes in place for a couple seconds making sure not to squint or distort your eye as it will affect the lashes.

5-Take an eyelash curler and curl both the falsies and your natural lashes.

6-If there are any gaps-as there may be the first couple times you put them on-just fill them in with liquid liner

Practice makes perfect with application so practice everyday =]

♥ rai

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