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My Resolutions

Again I don't usually make these because I forget them by Jan 5, lol...but I decided to give it one more shot so here are the resolutions I've come up with:
** Get back on track eating healthy--I'm usually a health nut but lately I've gone astray and I just don't feel as healthy as I used to
** Entertain more often--I love to entertain but I've definitely been a little laid back on it lately-I miss having people over
** Redecorate my brand new house--I'm moving into a brand new, never lived in house and I want to totally revamp the entire vibe.
**Tithe -- I've severely fallen off the wagon with that and I know for a fact if you don't tithe it will mess up your blessings!
**To get on the right path to starting my own business. I don't like working for other people-why make them more money?-so the best way around this is to work for myself. I'll make sure to periodically update about my business ventures.
Um these are all I can think of right now...if I come up with more I'll post them

♥ rai

1 comment:

Laur'en said...

OMG i am sooo inspired! Bringing the new in with the New Year!!!!! Happy New Years!!!!

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