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Yay for coffee

I have another addiction:coffee-I love it. Today my caffeine of choice was a Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks.

It was freezing cold out with flurries most of the day so this went perfectly.
After my much needed cup of coffee I went to Express with my friend to see if there was anything in there I wanted to use my gift card on. well I found a sequin skirt (yes I LOVE sequins), and a whole colorful array of clutches. I'm pretty pleased with my new purchases. Anyway here are some pictures of me today...

♥ rai


Crowscious said...

Your shades are hot :) I want those!

Rai said...

thanks hun!

TheUrbanExecutive said...

hey princess i noticed that you were following my blog. i want to thank you for that and i w anted to personally let u know that.. i changed the link of the blog from robbreportrich.blogspot.com to theurbanexecutive.com

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