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Happy Birthday...TO ME!

Happy Birthday to MOI! I can't believe it's my birthday already-it seems like yesterday I was celebrating my birthday last year. Now if you know me you know my birthday is kind of a BIG DEAL, lol. I'm not one of those people who is okay with walking around on my birthday like it's a regular day. Nope, not me. It all started when I was little-my mother made such a huge deal out of birthdays-I loved every minute of it-well lucky for everyone around me it has definitely translated into my adult years.

So what does this birthday girl have planned for the day? Besides the usual (mani's and pedi's etc), one of my girlfriends is throwing me a 'surprise' soiree! Yeah it's supposed to be a surprise but I find out about EVERYTHING =] Seeing as though I just moved here not too long ago I think that is really sweet of her. I'm not sure exactly what I'm wearing yet-I bought a couple things just haven't chosen yet. Either way I'll definitely post pictures!

♥ rai


Princess Mina said...

Happy Birthday!!! I feel ya, birthday's are a big deal to me too. I celebrate the whole month like everyday is my bday! Lol. Enjoy your party girl!

Crowscious said...

Happy birthday.. i hope u get awesome presents!

Hippo_Lee_toe said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it went well

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