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It's a Classic!

So who remembers the original Nintendo? Don't act like you don't...

So today I'm at my friend's house and the kids are all playing their Nintendo DS'. It got us thinking about our old school video games. My favorite was Mario Brothers. Didn't you love this game? So she goes upstairs and comes down with none other than the Nintendo but the original Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt cartridge (gun and all!).

I'm sitting there like you still have this?? OMG I'm going to be over here all the time playing it-lol. I know why play Nintendo when there's the Wii, PS3, Xbox etc...but I guess I'm whack because I still love Nintendo. I mean after I save the princess I'll be over it but still.

So anyway we hook it up and of course it doesn't work right away. It wouldn't be classic if we didn't blow in the cartridge and the Nintendo itself. The kids are looking like WTF?? LOL!
Surprisingly I remembered a lot of stuff-like where the extra lives were and the mushrooms to make Mario bigger. We were getting kinda into it too. The kids wanted a turn-but we didn't let them until we had finished, lol. We were like NO play your DS' this is our game--haha.

I'm mad though I kept dying on the same part. I was in world 1 but on level 3 or something. I kept hitting those little ducks and the duck shell would bounce off something and come hit my ass. I was like damn...that's okay I'll get it together.

♥ rai


JaeSpenc said...

I absolutely LOVE the ORIGINAL Super Mario Brothers... and Duck Hunt. I've never actually BEAT the game... and can say that I haven't played for YEARS!!!!

I would have been just as Psyched as you were when she brought that down... and probably STILL sitting there w/ that "video game gaze"... lol

Thrice said...

I had one of those!!!!! I had so much fun playing Mario and Duck hunting, but there was one I enjoyed better, which was like duck hunting but instead it had a western scenery and you had to shoot cowboy villains :D

ShantaeMarlinda said...

Omg! I've actually been wanting to buy the super nintendo just so I can play super mario brothers =[

My boyfriend and I were discussing how video games back then were far more challenging than the ones out today. Simple but complicated. Maybe that's we oldschoolers will always, in the back of our minds, be fiending for some classic nintendo!

Nicole said...

hahaha thats so funny!!!
old skool is the shizzle!
i love nintendo!
i love mario brothers more!!


i miss the old nintendos its a game i never beat... lol!

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