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Quality Over Quantity

I was thinking today about people who've come in and out of my life over the years and how my friend list has definitely become smaller. I realize that I used to have a lot of people around me all the time but they weren't necessarily people who should have been around me. I've realized over the years that I would much rather have one or two great friends opposed to ten jealous girls around me. My life is so much better this way. I still love to meet people-that's something that will never change-but as far as getting personal I save that for my girls that have proven themselves time and time again.

*sidenote: I'm like this with shoes too! Much rather have a GOOD pair of shoes rather than a couple pairs of cheaply made ones

♥ rai


Crowscious said...

Hmmmm i have a lot of friends... but I'm really close to a lot of them too...how would you know who is a good friend unless you let someone in? Agreed you can get really hurt sometimes but once in a while you find amazing friends for a lifetime.. I dunno... Cheap shoes can be pretty too :)

MsFlyGirl said...

LOL, i feel you on the aspects of friends but i am such an open person i will tell anyone anything it doesnt matter who they tell at that time i was speaking to release stress, happiness, anger, etc.
We have friends for all occassions and that is the only thing i expect from them. friend to eat with, friend to cry with, friend to club with, etc. so embrace them for what there duty is too you. dont shut them out. just expecting to much that they cant give.

Rai said...

@ MsFlyGirl-I agree with you about friends for different reasons as I do have these-some people you just connect with on different levels.

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