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Sunday Season Premiere Lineup (on E)

Kardashian fans the new season starts tonight @ 10pm E

and they also have a new show called candy girls starting tonight right after the kardashians--we'll see how this show is...

*photos courtesy of E! online

♥ rai


Divinely.Intelligent.Vividly.Artistic said...

I watched both shows. The Kardashians are always entertaining and LMAO@ Candy Girls..callin them "models" whose runway have they walked on? BYEE! smh..


Terrika is off the chain! She has a mouth on her, doesn't she?

i watched it too and was lookin forward to the new episode just to see what else was going on....

while i was watchin i was tryn 2 figure out are these ladies suppose 2 be representin chics n the game that model?! um if so i retire right now!

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