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Sarai's Favorite Things (Series): Gadgets pt 1

Hey dolls, I'm going to be doing a series on Sarai's Favorite Things-this series will include any and everything from gadgets to shoes to makeup and skincare. Today I will be doing Part 1 of my favorite gadgets! These are some of the things that I can't live without =] I'll also be doing a vlog about these things also. On a side note I went and got my hair done -- I'm all natural -- and thought it would be interesting to try a rod set. Well the girl who did it did an AWESOME job as far as pulling it tightly so it didn't come out frizzy and my roots were puffy. HOWEVER, my hair is kind of short still sooo...it looks like a little curly afro and I haven't had time to play with it yet. So with that being said the vlogs will have to wait until I figure out how I want to wear it or I change to a different style. Ok back on topic...

♥My BlackBerry Storm!

I definitely understand the nickname "crackberry"...I'm ALWAYS on my phone, it's great. I twitter from it, use facebook, text, use the messengers and browse the internet. And I don't just use it for social reasons it keeps track of ALL my appointments in the calendar and I even added the weather app so I can keep track of the weather. I'm addicted to it, and I couldn't live without it. ♥

♥My iPod Nano

I ♥ my iPod!! I mainly only use it when I work out but I work out 4 to 6 times a week so...I use it often. It really keeps me motivated especially when I'm running. I couldn't live without it.

♥My MacBook

Once I switched from windows to mac-I swear I'll never go back =] I LOVE my Macbook...it's just better =]

♥My Nikon L100

I Love my Nikon, before this one I had one of the compact Nikon cameras and I loved it too - Coolpix - but I did upgrade and I'm glad I did. It has really good zoom and takes really sharp pictures. Now I do understand there are more sophisticated cameras out there I didn't have that kind of $$ to spend on one of them, but I think that what I spent on this one was well worth every penny. While it is bulky, it's okay because I always carry luggage anyway (well that's what everyone calls my bags,lol).

♥ Sarai

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