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Hello & Surprise!

Hey Dolls!
Sorry about the lack of post lately-I have been extremely lazy lol. I am so ready for some shorts and tanks I don't know what to do with myself, we got snow yesterday and I'm about to lose my mind =/ Winter was fun but go away already I'm ready for Spring! So with that being said I haven't really gone anywhere or done too much makeup wise--it's been pretty boring on my end. So today I come with some looks from last week and over the weekend. I know St Patty's day is over buuut I did do a green look last week with all intentions to post but uh never got around to it so here it is =]

Well if you know me you know that I can't keep the same hairstyle to save my life. One day it's short the next day down my back-I get bored super easy with hair lol. So the other day when I went to get a trim on my ends I just out of the blue decided to chop all my hair off (I wore it very short in high school and some of college). I love short hair and I love long hair =] Since summer is approaching I figured why not?!
This is from the weekend-we went out to dinner with some friends to celebrate a birthday--SURPRISE!

And this is just a random FOTD from the weekend

What have you guys been up to? Anything exciting?


lovelyviolet5 said...

You are sooo gorgeous in the last picture!!You are soo into purple!!!!Cheers!

Mocha Mish Mash said...

Pretty new do! Looks lovely on you. I know what you mean about the snow. It's finally starting to feel like spring where I live and I'm praying we don't have any surprise snow storms!

TKOmulatta said...

your hair looks so great!! I love the short hair on you, you definitely have the face to rock it. beautiful make-up as well!

i totally understand on being ready for spring, where I live it's been in the high 60's-70's yay! lol

Holly Sanders said...

WOW you are stunning I love your short hair!

MW said...

pretty i love it
xo mw

I BLEED PINK said...

You can totally pull off that hair, its looks so pretty on you!!!! My head is WAY too big for that look...LOL

Sarai said...

@lovelyviolet5 Thanks! I heart purples-I can't help it! =]

@Mocha Mish Mash Thanks! We were having great weather last week, and then it snowed--so I'm not going to get my hopes up anytime soon for Spring, lol.

@TKOmulatta Thank you-I'm so jealous of your weather =/

@Holly Sanders Thanks doll!

@MW Thank you! =]

@I BlEED PINK aw thanks!

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