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OOTN: Sex and the City 2 Premier

Hey Dolls,

Sorry I've been away so long-this move cross country is finally underway so I've been quite busy. Once I get settled I'll have some posts for you guys as I do have some things to review and swatch for you =] Also I wanted to say *hello* to my new followers, thanks so much for following and taking the time out to read my little space on the net, lol

Ok now on to my OOTN-obviously I went to see Sex and the City the night it came out because I'm pressed, lol. One of my girlfriends came with me-we went for appetizers before the movie and a couple cocktails afterwards =] It was a great night full of fun--the movie was so good too. I loved it, I know it got mixed reviews but I really did like it-one of my fave parts was when Miranda and Charlotte were sitting, drinking, and talking and Miranda kept saying -'take a sip' (or something like that)...being a mommy I could totally feel Charlotte-haha. The fashion was also outrageous-loved every minute of it. If you haven't seen it-make sure you do!

So for my OOTN (outfit of the night), I wore my Kardashian for Bebe dress I bought during their first collection. Since we went so late it was kind of cool out so I was grateful for the longer sleeves, lol. Anyway I was so excited to wear it because I hadn't worn it since I bought it. I kept my jewelry very simple-just studs in the ear and I wore my black open toe booties that I bought from Target awhile ago (although in the pix you can't really see the shoes), the belt came with the dress.
Sorry for all the writing-I'm in a very talkative mood today, lol

ok so for the pics:

I also kept my makeup pretty simple as well-I went with neutral eyes and a bold red lip =] Hope you enjoyed my OOTN =]
For those of you who did see it-what was your favorite part?


CGBlogger said...

I love the outfit! Looks so glamorous!

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Love the dress!

Fave part was when Samantha was on a date with that guy, and he had a boner lol & they got arrested. My other fave part was when she was holding her condoms up while the muslim men surrounded her.


Rai said...

Cute! :)

Jenn said...

aww you look great!

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...



LOVEEEEEEEE your bag <3


Sarai said...

Thanks guys =]

@Kim haha I loved the part with the condoms too lol

Danielle87 said...

Love that dress. I nominated you for a blog award.

Alaila - Lee said...

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3ate4 said...

You look great, love the red lips!

mw said...

how did i miss this - u look gorj hun <3

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