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Hello Loves...I'm Back...again =]

Well hello there Dolls,
I know I have been gone the ENTIRE summer, but summer is probably the busiest time of year for me. Kids are out of school, lots of fun things to do-beach, amusement parks, family get togethers etc...but now that things have begun to wind down for me I will be back posting on regular basis. I am sad to see summer go...even though I did NOT enjoy the heat-it was nice to pull out the summer clothes and shoes.

A lot of has happened this summer, I think in my last post I told you guys I moved across the country back to the East, well soon we'll be moving again but this time hopefully overseas =] *fingers crossed and praying*. Um let's see I'm coaching my daughter's cheerleading team which takes me back to my million years as a cheerleader; I finished undergrad *thank God*--now to look for a job to pay those lovely loans the government hands out.
On a different note-my summer has also been full of shopping, shopping, dinner parties, more shopping, luncheons, traveling, weddings, shopping....oh and did I say shopping? I unfortunately would love to do a huge haul but yeah that will most likely not happen. For one I can't remember everything I've bought and two I really just do not feel like going back through it all. But as I do OOTD's and more fashion post I will make sure to let you know where I purchased what etc.
I've also found a new love for DIY projects around the house and fashion wise so I'll be sharing those with you guys too!
I'm in the market for a new camera-I'm thinking the Nikon D3000 (is that what it's called?)...I've been wanting to get more into photography but my attention span is so bad so we'll see how long that last. Umm I'm trying to think what else has been going on...oh yeah I'll be having a blog sale (for real this time I swear it!) because I do have some makeup, clothes and shoes that are taking up space that I would like to get rid of and pass on to a new home. What have you all been up to? Even though I haven't been posting and commenting I have been reading your blogs-so I promise to get back to commenting-I miss my blogger friends! Well I hope everyone had a great summer and is ready for fall-great fashion in store huh lol...til next time my dolls


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back!!! I started a blog too...


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