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Random Glam: Croc Embossed Note Cards and More...

Hey Dolls,

Well since I'm getting back into the posting habit I thought I'd start off with something totally random but fabulous! I picked up these fabulous note cards and thank you cards from Target a few weeks ago. I was invited to a dinner and was picking up a hostess gift and 'somehow' wandered into the stationary section and found these gorgeous little things. I absolutely love stationary and I know it's so old fashioned but I guess I'm just not with the email for EVERYTHING...a nice handwritten note goes a long way and who doesn't like to feel a little extra special every now and then? I think it's fabulous and so classic when someone gives me a handwritten note to say thank you, but that is just me. Anyway the croc embossed note cards were $5.99 and the thank you cards were $3.99 & $4.99. I haven't even opened the thank you cards but I know they will come in handy one day. So if you're into that type of stuff or not and just think they're fabulous to have sitting on your desk go pick them up-trust me they are so fab!
random glam: croc embossed
random glam: croc embossed
random glam: croc embossed
random glam: croc embossed
random glam: croc embossed

♥ Have you picked up anything totally random but fabulous lately? Do share!

1 comment:

Chay Chay said...

yes girl, I saw these, I didn't buy them...but I LOVED them! SO CHIC...

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