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All I want for Christmas....

Hey Dolls,

Well all I want for Christmas is really a misleading title because it tends to lead one to think I only want one thing for Christmas, lol...and if you know me that is super far fetched =] Yes Christmas is about family and Jesus and giving but I mean really who doesn't want something??
So I thought I'd share with you most of my Christmas wishlist today. I actually usually never make a list (well since I had kids) because my focus is usually the kids. So whenever anyone ask me what I want I get flustered because I don't have a list made. Now for the most part I know I won't get most of this stuff, why? Not because my hubby doesn't adore me lol but we are moving across the country (yikes!!!) in a matter of days after Christmas. So I'm sure if you do the math you'll come to the conclusion that moving cross country isn't cheap. My wish list isn't exactly cheap either sooo... something's gotta give and yes I'm an adult with some sense so it will be my wish list that will suffer. But that's okay because I'll be on the look out for these gifts as the year goes by *wink*...and isn't that half the reason it's called a WISHlist?
Anywho here we go...
pier1 mirror vanity
♥ Pier 1 Mirror Vanity with Bench ♥

♥ J Brand Lovestory Jeans ♥

♥ MAC gift cards (those are always nice lol) ♥

♥ Nordstrom gift card, I absolutely love Nordstroms ♥

♥ Temptu Airbrush system ♥

♥ Nikon D3100 --I think I'll blog more if I have a better camera...joking...but seriously maybe ♥

shark steam mop deluxe
♥ Shark Steam mop deluxe *As Seen on TV* lol...I think I may be getting old if this is on my wishlist haha ♥

sherpa heated/electric blanket
♥ Sherpa Heated Electric blanket...I love to stay warm and cozy in the winter ♥

♥ Wedge boots from Aldo--perfect for the days I'm running errands with kids and I don't want to wear 4" heels ♥

♥ Boots from Aldo ♥

♥ This cutie from Tiffany's and it's my birthstone =] ♥

Hunter red with zebra boot sock
♥ Hunter Red rain boots with zebra boot socks...so fab especially if you're moving to a place that gets a large amount of rain ♥

So this is most of what I want, and I expect to get like one or two things from this list lol...but it's okay. I'm more happy to see my kids open their stuff than to have a whole bunch of stuff for myself =]
What's on your wishlist for Christmas?

p.s. I have some post lined up drafted ready go-but I believe the packers packed my usb cord for my camera soooo until I either buy a new one or receive a lovely new camera for christmas those post will have to wait, sorry!


1 comment:

Nicole said...

omg love this post, but all i want for Christmas is that Nikon D3100 camera...


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