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Hey Dolls,
Haven't done one of these in forever and a day...and guess what! I'm late posting it, lol. I actually wore this on Valentine's day and I'm still wearing it now. I had applied this Sunday night.
Oh and don't mind my paint job lol...it was done in a rush, I went back over them and perfected before Monday came along =]
And on a side note, let me say this Seche Vite is awesome! I love it. No more smudgy nails or ruined manicures--with this stuff in like 2 minutes you are good to go! I used to have to wait to paint my nails when the kids were in bed so I wouldn't be bothered with having to get up and get a snack or something for them lol but now I can paint them in the middle of the day!...sometimes it's the small things =]

What nail color are you currently wearing?! Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Sarai

1 comment:

socialitedreams said...

thats so funny, i did a look like that last night, with one glittery nail on the ring finger! i'm wearing a deep purple by mary kay and a greenish sparkle on one nail from the burlesque OPI collection. it's way cute!


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