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Random FOTD

Hey Dolls,
I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I just wanted to write quick post with a FOTD from yesterday. I can't remember what products I used as I did it early in the morning and was rushing out the door.


On a side note have you ever opened a bag of sugar the wrong way and spilled it all over yourself and your kitchen floor??? ugh...if not hope you never do because it sucks. I swear it went everywhere...it took FOREVER to clean up...I should have taken a picture lol



Naturally Fashionable said...

Love it-so pretty:-)

Blushingloves Irene Greece said...

You look gorgeous doll!!Loved your eyeslook!!

Keisha said...

your makeup look so pretty!

Lol yeah I have to spilled a bag of sugar too and it was horribel!

Chrissy Bryant said...

<3 Gorgeous! I wish I could find a foundation like that for my skin! It looks darker but its light again because of the winter...any ideas?

Sarai said...

Thanks so much ladies!!

@ Chrissy I typically use a different foundation in the summer than in the winter. Because of the heat and humidity I tend to use a lighter formula and I of course need something a little darker (tinted moisturizers are great-Laura Mercier and Smashbox are my faves). For the winter I use heavier foundations since my skin tends to be drier with the weather and can handle it and I can also go a shade lighter. Or you can always use a darker powder in the summer to tone down the foundation you've used from the winter (and vice versa) if that makes sense =] hope that helps!

Mz. More said...

Beautiful look. Your skin looks flawless!

Sarai said...

Thanks Mz More!

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