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Updated: My favorite lipsticks

 photo 311e1d42-043b-4f3a-acb9-516ffeafd741_zps28b98a0c.png
Awhile back I did a post on some of my favorite lippies (read that here and here )...I thought it would be fun to do an updated post with my current favorites.

 photo bc088250-665b-48a3-9d04-e69b297a8e8a_zps14f84475.png
MAC Rebel- As soon as fall hit I wore this color pretty much everyday last year. I love it to death. It's such a pretty satin plum. It's absolutely perfect. I like to pair this with MAC Vino liner.

 photo 49f0d75b-6046-4125-8ab2-27257aedc554_zpsb7fcca58.png
MAC Modesty - This is very pretty pink. I wear this when I don't quite want a nude but don't want a bold color either. It gives just enough color. I like to pair this with MAC Plum liner.

 photo 8b8ee649-3c05-4352-9b34-83f5504a5c13_zps6ffddd15.png
NYX Butter lipstick in Mauve- If you follow me on Instagram, I posted about this a few days ago. I love this lipstick and plan to get a few more colors soon. It really is like butter, the color is very pretty and similar to the modesty but I really like the buttery feel of this more. I like to pair this with MAC Plum liner.

 photo d47689f4-6007-403c-96b7-f934c0805197_zps085ee1da.png
NYX Monte Carlo- This is a beautiful matte red that last all day and isn't drying. I usually shy away from matte colors as my lips always feel like they are peeling because they are so dry after a few hours. I don't get that with this color at all. I like to pair this with MAC Cherry liner.

 photo 70f7ce25-9517-4aee-94bc-62f43ea9a0ec_zps29cf7135.png
MAC Fresh Brew - my favorite nude ever! I like to pair this with MAC Cork or any brown liner within reach. And really that should say ANY liner (except cherry) because I've paired this with Vino, Current, Plum and plenty others and it always looks very nice.

So there you have it, my favorite lipsticks at the moment. What are your favorites right now?


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