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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette: Initial Review, Swatches, and FOTD

 photo 33404bae-b0cf-4959-ac20-ceaf125efe5f_zpsc26a5058.png
Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend :) I know Mondays can be hard for some, but I've got something to hopefully brighten it up just a little for you! Over the weekend I finally bought the Naked 3 palette that has been all over the internet for a few weeks. I was originally on the fence about getting it but once I saw it in the store I really wanted it. I have the original Naked palette that I absolutely love. I skipped the Naked 2 because at the time there were other items I wanted more. One of the main reasons I was on the fence about the palette was I hadn't seen too many positive reviews from brown girls about the palette. I wasn't sure if the colors would work me, however, once I did a few swatches in store I felt I could make them look good. So here it is, Naked 3  photo ff768c7a-f5fb-4251-943d-1ab1450f80ca_zpsee72f357.png
As you can see above it comes in a very pretty hardshell type case. Also with the palette you will receive 4 samples of Urban Decay's Eye Primer Potion (eyeshadow base) in Original, Sin, Eden and Anti-Aging.
 photo 71fb8f79-6cdd-4127-8549-28319ced2407_zps64873345.png
 photo 71653aeb-16b8-439f-82a1-e612f3d56236_zps79ba9a1b.png
From L to R: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, DarkSide, Blackheart

 photo bda2571b-d821-486a-b1a2-d6db3db2c5bd_zps9609b9ae.png
Double ended brush
 photo 4d18a337-caab-41fb-b436-9c107ef1d4f0_zps16cfddf4.png
 photo 379e3947-984d-485c-950d-9f8a7737e578_zpsb7790f03.png
Top Left: Strange, Dust, Burnout Top Right: Limit, Buzz, Trick
Bottom left: Nooner, Liar, Factory Bottom Right: Mugshot, Darkside, Blackheart

So far I like this palette. Aside from taking swatches, I've used it once. I think the colors are absolutely beautiful. There are a few that I had to work with a little more than normal for blending but I kind of expected that after I did the swatches. I don't think this is the must have palette of the century or anything, but do I think it's a nice addition to a collection? Sure. I like neutrals and find that I wear them more than bold colors lately. I can see myself using this a lot in the spring months.
I did a look using shadows from the Naked 3 palette. I tried to use mainly lighter colors to show that they can work too.
 photo 0d932650-c9ed-41fe-965d-ad82738bb607_zpsb3a586df.png
 photo 0fb618ae-ab8a-471c-808b-12c444c37f0a_zps243491e1.png
 photo 06c65516-4fa7-440a-afe6-28137329f146_zps8b247c26.png
 photo 0e146c1a-94af-42c2-8bd7-7882292561ac_zps048c18b2.png
On my eyes I used: Highlight
Strange Transition
Nooner Crease
Factory & Darkside Lid
Limit Bottom
Liar & Darkside I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful to someone.

xoxo, Sarai

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